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The city of Granada was granted with a competitive fund from the IUC Asia programme to run three thematic webinars on Smart City, Circular Economy and Biotech, with a common point of view: how to use blockchain technologies in their respective fields.

But also, there is another result from this project, the creation of an analog/digital disruptive own ecosystem, based in a platform to develop future joint projects on blockchain, involving the cities, research centers and companies participating in the webinars (who are current or former pilot cities of the IUC Programme).

A video under production will explain the objectives and goals to be implemented in the near future.

The main goal is to develop a digital environment to create a digital cluster with solid relationships for further/future cooperation of the participating cities. There are 3 axis of crossed participation: city councils, clusters (digital innovation hubs and companies) and the Academia.


Scope and objectives of the webinars:

These webinars will present the main challenges that represents blockchain technology in relation of the three fields of application, and will debate how to cooperate in order to find common solutions and/or the exchange of information or research in joint venture projects. The idea is to show the actual framework and state-of-art of blockchain in the participating cities.



Representatives from the Pilot Cities will debate and define future needs and concrete possibilities of cooperation. University researchers and professors. Members of the clusters involved in the territories of each one of the pilot cities. Representatives of companies of these cities working in blockchain developments. The IUC Asia managing team will also be invited.

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