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Burgas is the biggest city in South-East Bulgaria and it is bounded by the Black Sea surrounding the large Burgas Bay. At the turn of 21st c. Burgas was a regional and municipal center, as well as the fourth largest town in Bulgaria, with a population of 229 740 inhabitants.  The city of Burgas is an important industrial, commercial, transport, tourism and administrative center of the Municipality and South-East region of Bulgaria. The economy has a diverse character, which makes the Municipality the economic leader and an important center for the development of the region.

Burgas has the largest port in the country with the only oil terminal south of the Balkan range, with a well-developed railway and road network. The City of Burgas is one of the main logistical points of the European transport corridor 8, disposing of good road and railway connectivity.

Burgas’ current plan for energy supply includes an effective and stable management of energy resources and the green economic growth, offering high quality services for the population, healthy and accessible environment, with real perspectives for business investments. Therefore, renewable energy and energy efficiency are key sectors to achieve this goal.


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