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Longyan, China

Longyan  is a prefecture-level city in southwestern Fujian province, People’s Republic of China, bordering Guangdong to the south and Jiangxi to the west.

Unlike many Chinese cities, the forest coverage of Longyan reaches an unusually high 77.9%, which is unparalleled in Fujian province. Meihuashan National Nature Reserve, a part of the China Biosphere Reserve Network, is located in Longyan.

Longyan is famous for it as the “Home of Hakka People”, as 75% of the population is composed of Hakka people. The city of Changting is often referred to as the home of the Hakka, while the Ting River is known as the “mother river” of the Hakka people. The Hoklo people in Xinluo and Zhangping speak Longyan Min, while their speech is somewhat influenced by Hakka Chinese. Due to the difference between Hoklo culture and Hakka’s, there is a diversity of traditions and values in Longyan.

Longyan serves as a strategic center for the distribution of goods to Xiame, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou. It also acts as a gateway for trade with Guangdong and Jiangxi  province . It is the main connection between the inland and coastal area.

Longyan is rich in natural resources such as important mineral deposits and forest zones. The Septwolves tobacco business is an important contributor to the local    economy, as is the Zijin Mining group. The largest construction equipment maker Lonking Holdings is based in the city.

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