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Hohhot, China


  • South end of Yangtze River Delta city cluster
  • Land area: 20,000 square kilometers
  • Population: 8.2 million
  • Ningbo-zhoushan port: connecting with over 600 ports of mor than 100 coutries and regions
  • Cargo throughput exceeding 1 billion tons, ranking first in the world for 10 consecutive years
  • Solid industrial foundation: petrolchemical, new material, home appliance, clothing, etc.

Cooperation Foundation

  • Ningbo Zhoushan Port connects with 87 European ports via 15 international lines
  • 16+1 Economy and Trade Cooperation Demo Area
  • Held “Europe-Ningbo Week” activities in 28 European countries
  • Existing platforms including European Industrial Park, China-Czech Park, China-Italy Ningbo Ecology Park, China-Germany SME Cooperation Area, etc.
  • Cultural and Education cooperation, including joint university, offshore culture centre

Potential Initiatives

  • To build upon the industrial basis and develop digital economy
  • To co-build a group of industrial parks with European countries
  • To conduct catered capacity building by joint study and trainings
  • To identify a group of cooperation projects especially on education, culture and tourism, health and S&T
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