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Panjin, China

Main Features

  • In Liaoning province, northeast of China
  • Liaohe River Delta
  • Land area: 4,102 square kilometers
  • Population: 1.44 million
  • Emerging petrocheminal city and a key fine chemical industrial base
  • The largest wetland and natural reserve
  • Panjin port has 70 million tons of throughout amount and builds a distribution logistics network
  • Main industrial including petro processing, energy, equipment manufacturing, new materials, smart manufacturing, new energy, modern logistics, modern agriculture, etc.

Cooperation Foundation

  • With the port logistics and connectivity, Panjin port has become a key gateway for multi-level trade cooperation with Europe
  • Industrial cooperation in ways of direct investment, JV, joint research and so on
  • Existing cooperation initiatives on education, culture and sports, such as dual vocational training with GIZ, Marathon event in cooperation with Athens, etc.

Potential Initiatives

  • To open more freight lines with European ports
  • To attract high-quality projects to help the industrial upgrade
  • To explore opportunity to co-host international sports events
  • To foster joint education and research program with Dailan University of Technology (Panjin Campus)
  • To learn and exchange experiences on wetland protection and reservation
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