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Changchun Jingyue, China

Jingyue High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone in Changchun, capital of Jilin province was established in 1995, with a population of over 300 thousand people.

Jingyue zone focuses on such industries as modern services, cultural and high-tech industry, headquarters economy, digital media, automotive and electronics.

The area of Jingyue District is 478.7 square kilometers , with 243 sq km of artificial forests and lakes, which makes Jingyue a natural oxygen bar and city garden.

The architecture style of new city is buildings with beautiful scenery. The infrastructure of the new city is 25 sq km, with a complete service of Industry and commerce, tax administration, financing institution. There are lots of colleges and universities, scientific research center, etc, which attracts many overseas companies invest and set up factories here.

Jingyue zone enjoy the reputation of pure land in the bustling city. There are many tourists attractions here such as Jingyuetan Forests Garden, Manchukuo imperial palace. Jingyue zone has a long history, which left many historical site here.

Every winter there will hold Vasaloppet in Jingyue  which attracts so many ski-lovers come here from all over the world take part in it. There also hold some sports competitions and recreational activities that makes Jingyue an international city.



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