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Twelve Cities Share Mitigation Experiences in IUC Asia HelpDesk’s Webinar

IUC Asia Helpdesk/GCoM Southeast Asia Secretariat organised its first webinar entitled “Development of Cities’ Mitigation Action Plans” on 17 March 2020. There were 46 participants representing 10 Indonesian cities including the five pilot cities namely Palembang, Depok, Malang, Denpasar, and Makassar as well as Tangerang, Semarang, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Gorontalo,  Jakarta and Pangkal Pinang and universities across Indonesia.

The IUC Asia Technical Coordinator, Dini Laraswati, presented the background of IUC Asia and GCoM and how UCLG ASPAC manages the Secretariat. She also informed the participants about the Helpdesk/Secretariat’s activities in supporting cities to develop their climate action plans.

Syahrina D. Anggraini of CCROM, IUC Asia’s technical partner, explained about the general concept of climate change mitigation and the structure to develop a mitigation action plan followed by cities sharing their experiences in implementing their mitigation plan. Palembang shared its process in developing its GHG inventory with support from IUC Asia. Jakarta explained its effort to reach 30% GHG reduction in 2030. And Pangkal Pinang shared its experience in farming algae as a climate action plan in reducing the city’s GHG.

The participating cities expressed their support for this webinar and expect that this approach would continue in the future.

Kindly visit the following link for the webinar materials:!AgHXIY6kSnTDhm-8X1kQ95fQgXb5?e=0ME0BN .

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