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Liuzhou-Barcelona Online Discussion on Innovation District

More than 15 experts from the cities of Barcelona and Liuzhou held the first virtual meeting facilitated by the IUC team on 17 July. The event, which was a follow-up to an online a stakeholders meeting held on 19 May, focused on the intended cooperation on the development of Binjiang Smart Valley, a newly planned science park of Liudong New District. This is the pilot zone selected by Liuzhou City for the regional cooperation within the IUC framework.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Pablo Gándara from the IUC team reviewed the mutual exchanges implemented by both cities since 2019 as well as the action plan proposed by Barcelona in April 2020. Mr. David Martínez, Managing Director of the Municipal Institute of Urbanism Barcelona City Council gave a presentation on 22@ Barcelona Innovation District, which was one of the best practices of “Super Block Strategy” of Barcelona City as well as the pilot area and innovation center for data collection, smart district, 5G etc., to improve the urban quality. He specified open questions of the action plan drafted by Barcelona in April 2020.

Mr. Jincheng Zhang, Deputy Director of Liudong New District expressed the strong willingness to deepen EU-Sino cooperation based on Binjiang Smart Valley of Liudong New District. Further representatives from Liudong’s Bureau of Technology & Big Data Development, Construction & Environmental Protection Department and the Bureau of Investment Promotion presented different collaboration initiatives with Barcelona to be based on the Binjiang Smart Valley Science Park.

Both sides agreed to further consolidate the roadmap on smart industry, water management, energy efficiency, smart mobility, and industry & talent exchange. They agreed to start a study by Barcelona experts to specify the cooperation in a district block identified by Liudong New District.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Wenneng Wu, Section Chief of Institutional Reform at Liuzhou’s Development and Reform Commission, emphasized Liuzhou’s determination and confidence in strengthening the practical cooperation with Barcelona.

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