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EU Cities Garden Pavilions under Construction in Yangzhou

The garden pavilions designed by the IUC pilot cities of Barcelona, Rome and Bologna Metropolitan / Nuovo Circondario Imolese are currently under construction in Yangzhou, which is located in the Jiangsu Province of China. The construction is scheduled to be finished by April 2021, when the Yangzhou Horticulture Expo 2021 begins. The pavilions showcase sustainable urban development concepts & best practices from the IUC pilot cities of the above mentioned EU cities. Thematically, they are focusing on energy efficiency, urban agriculture, green infrastructure and circular economy. Along with Stuttgart Region, these cities plan to organise several activities in Yangzhou between April and October 2021. For example, Bologna Metropolitan will organise a workshop with the title “Towards the Garden of the Cultural Heritage” with experts, designers and artists – mostly online due to the COVID crisis. Rome has proposed several activities in three areas:

  • Urban Agriculture –> Culture, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Health, Inclusion, Governance
  • Vineyards and Wines –> Culture, Competences, B2B and trade, Agriculture
  • Vertical Green for Smart Building –> Technologies, Sustainability, Energy, Architecture

Barcelona and Stuttgart are still developing their activity plans, which – due to the pandemics – will mostly take place in virtual form.

Here a few pictures of the concepts and the construction in progress.


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