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IUC Starts Elaboration of EU-China Low Carbon Cities Study

The IUC project started the elaboration of a compative study between cities the EU and China towards their transition to a low carbon society. In September of 2017, a first working visit to EU by a high-level delegation of for climate change experts led by NDRC’s Climate Change Department was organized by IUC project. As a result of this activity, the Chinese and European sides agreed to share experiences at city level towards the transition to low carbon economies. The basis for this is the development of a comparative joint study.

It is proposed to select three Chinese cities/regions as well as three EU cities/regions and to conduct an EU-China joint study regarding the low-carbon economic development model and the role and contribution of the sustainable energy and climate action plans (SECAPs) to the local economic development. The study will draw experiences from the European cities for developing, implementing and evaluating SECAPs, analyzing the middle and long-term effects on the economic development of the cities involved. The joint study will share best practices for the Chinese cities with a focus on the role of SECAPs and the contribution of low-carbon measures to the economic transition and industrial upgrading of the cities. Also, other important topics including industrial development, employment, innovation, technology and sustainable development will be addressed in the joint study.

The results of the study will be presented in three workshops in China.

The study will be drafted by a team of Chinese and European experts.

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