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IUC Team joins GCOM Meeting in Chengdu – China

The IUC team joined a coordination meeting hosted by Chengdu’s Mayor Luo Qiang and representatives of the Global Covenanat of Mayors for Energy and Climate (GCoM). The GCoM delegation was led by Amanda Eichel, Executive Director of the GCoM Secretariat, and included partners from ICLEI, C40 and Bloomberg China office. The meeting with Mayor Luo was followed by thamtic discussions with Chengdu DRC and other government agencies. Discussions with Mayor Luo centered on GCoM cooperation with Chengdu City as well as on the involvement of China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) in several GCoM events. GCoM cooperation with Chengdu City was discussed focusing on:

  • Innovate4cities: request for Chengdu’s input on key priorities for a global cities research and innovation agenda;
  • Invest4cities: request for Chengdu’s input on investments needs for Chinese cities;
  • Potential Board meeting taking place in Chengdu in 2019, possibly together with another international event taking place in the city, such as the International Sustainability Forum.
  • GCoM to follow up with UN Habitat around International Sustainability Forum in August in Chengdu: programme for 2018 Forum and plans for 2019 Forum;
  • Specific opportunities for cooperation with and support by GCoM partner organizations ICLEI, C40 and IUC, including technical assistance, workshops and project cooperation, most notably around the concept of Low Carbon Cities (mitigation of GHG emissions and access to sustainable energy)

In general, the meeting showed great enthusiasm by Mayor Luo and authorities to work with the GCoM. Chengdu focuses on Low Carbon Development, with focal areas transport, energy, and cross-sectors integration. Chengdu city partners with Germany, the USA and Switzerland on Low Carbon and sustainability projects. The city has organised the High Level International Sustainability Forum in partnership with UN Habitat in August 2017 and 2018. Chengdu is also memebr of the Alliance of Peaking Pioneer Cities of China (APCC).

Meetings were also held with Chengdu DRC and other government agencies. Chengdu goals to peak Carbon emissions by 2025 and focuses on 6 areas:

  • Industry
  • Energy (coal phase out)
  • Transport
  • Carbon sinks / sequestration
  • Consumption
  • Capacity building (including carbon trading, carbon support center, academic and tech research, building international LC partnerships

Chengdu sets targets for districts in implementation plan, and assess district performance against those targets on regular basis to guide low carbon development. It has a system of rewards for exemplary organizations and institutions regarding low carbon. The city has issued a ‘Chengdu declaration of sustainable development’.

Meetings were held with the Tianfu New District and the Hight Tech Park of Chengdu. Discussions centered on the possible involvement of Chengdu in the C1 activities for 2019.

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