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IUC-EU Cities Coaching Session in Brussels

A preparatory meeting for EU pilot cities was held in Brussels on 7 June 2018, with the following aims:

  • Introducing the support tools available for the EU cities during the implementation of the city pairings and explaining the approach (local action planning, pilot projects
  • Preparing the mission to China in July 2018 by identifying the proper delegates, developing the meeting agenda in Zhengzhou, etc.
  • Coaching the EU cities by two EU experts with regard to key areas identified in all EU pilot cities which match the EU Urban Agenda (Digital Transition / Jobs & Skills in the Local Economy). This is necessary in order to match expectations of the EU cities regarding possible outcomes.

The meeting took place at DG REGIO Headquarters and was chaired by Dr. Ronald Hall and Ramón López, both DG REGIO. The IUC team was represented by Pablo Gándara, TL, as well as by the senior NKEs Prof. Jens Bley and Amadeo Jensana. Pablo Navacerrada, junior NKE, provided a presentation about the local action plans and the support by the project team.

Representatives from the pilot cities:

  1. Camille Torrenti, Municipality of Nice Metropolis
  2. Giancarlo Defazio, Municipality of Rome
  3. Paul Barnsley, Municipality of Barnsley
  4. Francisco Aranda, Municipality of Granada (per VC)
  5. Elisa Grianti, Fondazione E35 on behalf of Reggio Emilia Municipality (per VC)

Next steps agreed:

  1. Preparation of start-up action plan by the cities with the support of the project team
  2. Elaboration of brief thematic factsheets by the cities with the support of NKEs prior to the mission to China
  3. Establishing communication procedures
  4. Proposal of cities representatives to join the China mission before 30 June 2018


Agenda – BRX 7 June 2018



00b_ShiXin-Mavis_Chinese cities introduction

01 Barnsley_Paul_brussels presentation digital campus



04_Reggio Emilia

05_Bley_Smart Cities

06_Jensana_Job and Skills Creation

07_ROME presentation


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