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Zhenjiang – Sub-Forum on Chinese Low-Carbon Pilot Cities Practices and Challenges

The IUC project and the National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC) co-organized the sub-forum “Chinese Low-carbon Pilot City Forum” with the support of China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE). The event took place on 23rd October in Zhenjiang back-to-back to the 4th International Low-carbon Conference and included the participation of more than 80 representatives from the 3rd batch of NDRC’s Low-Carbon Cities Programme, selected and endorsed by NDRC in 2017.

The forum was opened by Mr. Sun Zhen, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Climate Change at the MEE and the Executive Deputy Mayor of Zhenjiang, Mr. Yi Yuqian. Also, Pablo Gándara, Team Leader of the IUC delivered an opening speech.

In the keynote speech session, NCSC introduced the current Chinese low-carbon pilot city mechanism as well as the practices and challenges faced by the 3rd batch of low-carbon pilot cities since 2017. Mr. Shi Xin from the IUC project introduced the GCOM network and its successful experience including SECAP methodology and financing mechanism for low-carbon projects from EU. This was followed by experiences and low-carbon projects by the previous batch of low-carbon pilot cities including Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Zhenjiang.

In the panel session chaired by Mr. Xu Huaqing, Director-General of NCSC, a detailed discussion has been made with regard to the implementation of the low-carbon strategy in each of the 3rd batch low-carbon pilot cities, focusing mainly on following topics:

  1. The implementation of the low-carbon emission target in each city including low-carbon development plan, monitoring of carbon emission targets, industrial transformation and energy structure optimization, low-carbon construction and transportation, disposal of solid waste, promotion of green lifestyle, etc.
  2. Emission peaking in each city including climate-change/carbon-emission action plan and the status of emission peaking in each pilot city.
  3. The innovative actions in each pilot city to tackle climate change
  4. Problems and challenges of each pilot city by implementing low-carbon strategy
  5. Policy support and financial support from central government

Each of the 3rd batch low-carbon pilot city introduced its achievement and challenges by implementing the low-carbon strategy, which serves as a solid base for IUC project to conduct targeted follow-up actions on the individual city level.

This sub-forum was attended by about 80 participants from different Chinese cities, institutional representatives, academic experts and businesses.

Presentation by Pablo Gándara, IUC

20191027 Summary on Zhenjiang low-carbon event


Summary of targets and challenges in 3rd batch of low-carbon cities_en

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