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On 3 March 2020, the IUC Asia project – supported by CDP and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) – organised capacity building workshops in developing GHGI and CRVA for Kampong Bharu.

Using the GHG emissions inventory as the foundation, a Climate Action Plan (CAP) defines GHG reduction goals based on local priorities for reducing emissions and provides the guiding framework for achieving those goals.  The purpose of the Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA) is to develop an understanding of the current and future climate risks facing the region. The CRVA will inform the inclusion of adaptation goals and actions in the regional climate action plan

The workshop at the Kampong Bharu Development Corporation (PKB) was chaired by the PKB Chief Executive Officer and attended by nine senior and technical officials of Kampong Bharu’s CCC-WG officials, including two senior officials from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

The workshops were co-led by Ms. Hanah Paik (CDP) and Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Siong, Mr. Chau Loon Wai and Dr Noor Aimran Samsudin (UTM-Low Carbon Asia Research Centre, UTM-LCARC).

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