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Online meeting held today between Rome, Italy and Yantai, China, regarding Cultural Heritage and Smart Agriculture

The IUC-Asia team today hosted experts from the CITERA Research Center of Sapienza University of Rome, Yantai University, Tuscia University and IoT Smart City Lab of Rome, who agreed on a research-based cooperation between Italy and China in terms of Cultural Heritage, Silver Economy, Digital Twin Design and innovation in Agriculture.

Cooperating in terms of cultural heritage topics and exchanging best competences and practices, both cities plan to regenerate current design guidelines in the historical Suochengli Neighborhood in Yantai for a more age-friendly and energy-efficient design of the old building of the Italian Consulate, located in the Yantai Seafront. The building is supposed to become an innovative Digital Twin through GIS-BIM integration. Digital Twinning, where a virtual model is created based upon the physical world, allows the optimization of processes, utilizing simulations to head off problems before they even occur.

Furthermore, regarding Age-Friendly Design and Silver Economy Solutions, a smart living lab is going to be built in both Yantai and Rome. One of the primary objectives of the cooperation is to establish a long-term academic collaboration, including Joint PhD courses and joint degrees as well as an international summer school.

With the expertise of the Rome Smart City Lab, which coordinates agricultural projects such as the LIFE WINEgROVER Project, a joint conference on Smart Agriculture shall be organized. The WINEgROVER project is financed by the most important EU program, funding innovative ideas relating to environmental and climate issues, namely LIFE program, and demonstrates how advanced techniques such as drones and sensors can be successfully applied in precision farming for viticulture, effectively reducing greenhouse gas-emissions while protecting the soil.

The project partners are looking forward to a successful and long-term cooperation with a collaborative profile in education, research and the market.

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