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Rome-Yangzhou Preparatory Meeting for the International Horticultural Exhibition 2021

The IUC team organised an online meeting between experts from Rome and Yangzhou to discuss some technical details of Rome’s garden pavilion design as well as of few possible events to be organised by Rome during the Yangzhou Horticulture Expo 2021. Dr. Patrick Maurelli and Dr. Flavio Rossa from CITERA at Sapienza University first explained the three themes of the Rome garden: urban agriculture, vineyard & wine, and smart green building & vertical green.

Discussions then centred on technical details concerning water, electricity and wi-fi arrangement to fulfil the master design. Architect Mario Rossi also offered two options for installing an amphitheater in the garden, which will be used for gathering, relaxation, and various events. Besides, a “near-zero energy building” pavilion has been proposed by Rome to showcase how green technology can be applied with cost-efficiency.

On the cultural & tourism aspect, Mr. Giovanni Corsanego – Managing Director of the Consorzio Industriale per la Ricerca e le Alte Tecnologie (CIRAT) – explained the cultural event “Training Course of Making Italian Ice Cream”, which may catalyse interest of visitors and media. Both Director Zhu from Yangzhou Foreign Affairs Office and Director Chang – member of the Organisation Committee of Yangzhou Horticulture Expo 2021 – show their great willingness to take part.


Rome-Yangzhou Online Working Session 23 July 2020 Agenda_final


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