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Greater Manchester – Chengdu Online Discussion on Smart Energy and Clean Tech

Experts from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority held the second online discussion with the Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute (EIRI) of Tsinghua University on renewable energy cooperation. It was a follow-up session to the introductory exchange held in June 2020 to identify tailored start points for cooperation on hydrogen technology and smart energy.

The meeting was hosted by the IIC team and included 3 experts from the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Innovation Centre and Smart Infrastructure and Industry Research Group of the Faculty of Science and Engineering of MMU as well as 6 professors from the Centre of Industrial Ecosystem and Hydrogen Energy Systems & Conversions Institute of EIRI. It focused the discussion on 3 main topics:

  1. SME and startups exchanges between MMU and EIRI, especially with the EXCEL Acceleration Program of EIRI;
  2. Technology exchanges and joint POC/pilot projects with local industry partners;
  3. Joint R&D, expert exchanges under the framework of Smart Hydrogen System Lab in Chengdu;

Experts agreed on a roadmap for collaboration and discussed the MoU between both sides which may be approved by the MMU later this month.

By the end of the meeting, the IUC team pointed out the importance of creating synergies on hydrogen technology cooperation with other IUC cities, especially Stuttgart and Rome. All cities are part of the IUC renewable energy cluster.


IUC Online Session_MMU-Chengdu EIRI_13 August_Agenda


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