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Rome’s CITERA and Chinese Urban Technology Providers Exchange Urban Planning Tools

Experts from Rome’s Sapienza University (CITERA – Interdepartmental Center for Territory, Building, Restoration, Environment, Planning, Design, and Technology of Architecture) held an online meeting with Chinese urban technology partners to identify concrete business and research cooperation in Chinese cities. The event was also joined by representatives of RDI – Research and Development International (for further information, please see their website). The meeting also promoted the participation of Chinese practitioners/students in the summer school on digital tools (GIS and BIM) for urban planning, supported by the EU through the IUC competitive fund.

The meeting was opened by the IUC team leader Pablo Gándara, who introduced to the Chinese experts few pilot projects between EU and Chinese cities. He also showed a video interview with Nona Depres from EU’s FPI  explaining the city-to-city cooperation at the Paris Peace Forum 2019 (see below picture). Professor Fabrizio Cumo introduced Sapienza’s CITERA, which includes 6 departments of 3 faculties jointly developing applied research in cooperation with industry partners and with EU support. Sapienza’s team introduced the following 5 cooperation areas:

  • Topic 1: Smart Near-Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) – Prof. Flavio Rosa
  • Topic 2: Innovative Design: Digital Twin & GIS BIM integration – Dr. Patrick Maurelli
  • Topic 3: Future of BIM: integration with Big Data, BlockChain, AI – Dr. Patrick Maurelli
  • Topic 4: Building Age-Friendly Certification – Prof. Flavio Rosa
  • Topic 5: Integrated Energy Systems: Renewable energies, Storage Systems and Sustainable Mobility for increasing the energy Independence at different scales – Prof. Davide Astiaso Garcia and Dr. Benedetto Nastasi

Mr. Robert Yuan, the CEO of Glodon, a Chinese company providing digital products based on GIS and BIM for buildings in China, provided valuable feedback to the presentations delivered by the Sapienza University experts and offered to pilot CITERA’s tools in China. Moreover, the meeting helped Sapienza experts to identify further counterparts from Rome to be involved in the project. Feedback was also provided by the Zhongyang Construction Group.

Further advice was provided by the China-based IUC team members Jin Jingnan, Wang Qian, and Oscar Prat van Thielcoovels.

More information available soon.



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