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Local Action Plan workshop in Beijing

An EU cities delegation made a trip to China in the end of October, comprised of representatives from EU pilot cities under IUC project: Malaga, Mannheim, Burgas and AAK. The trip includes Local Action Plan (LAP) workshop in Beijing, China on October 23 and working visits to Zhengzhou and Changchun from October 23 to 28.

On October 23, LAP workshop was held in Presidential Hotel, Beijing. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce and discuss about LAP document, which is intended to provide a supporting tool and cooperation mechanism for structured, systematic and sustainable EU-China city-to-city cooperation.

Mr. Ignacio Asenjo from EU Delegation to China and Ms. HUANG Weibo Deputy Director General of Regional Economy Department, NDRC delivered opening speeches, in which both recognized the importance of the LAP document in promoting the mutual cooperation in a practical and concrete manner. In her speech, Ms. Huang proposed suggestions for next steps, including strengthening regional policy exchanges, innovating cooperation platforms, and expanding fields of cooperation.

At the workshop, Mr. Pablo Gandara and Dr. Shi Xin – the two key experts of IUC-Asia team introduced cooperation methodologies, cooperation fields and possible projects, especially the triple-helix cluster model.

Main fields of cooperation proposed:

  • Innovation center
  • Smart city
  • Education
  • Trade and Investment
  • Industry park

Possible projects include:

  • Business facilitation
  • Belt and Road city connection
  • Industry Park
  • Innovation platforms

City representatives from Mannheim, Burgas, Chongqing and Zhengzhou presented their cooperation progress and shared prospects for further deepening of the cooperation by identifying specific areas.

LAP workshop

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