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Indonesia: Makassar kicks-off cimate action with the GCoM with IUC support

Makassar, the capital of Sulawesi Province in Indonesia, started cooperation on energy and climate change within the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) initiative.  The GCoM’s implementation in Indonesia is supported by the European Union through the IUC project. On the occasion of the “European Union’s Roadshow to Makassar”, a high-level EU member states’ delegation led by Mr. Charles-Michel GEURTS (Head of the EU Delegation in Indonesia) met with the Governor of South Sulawesi Prof. Nurdin Abdullah and the Mayor of Makassar, Dr. M Iqbal S Suhaeb. In follow-up meetings with the relevant departments of Makassar, IUC’s lead expert Piero Remitti discussed the next steps for the elaboration of a Climate Action Plan with the IUC project’s support.




The European Union dan Pemkot Makassar Jajaki Kerjasama Dalam Bidang Energi

Makassar Bakal Bergabung Dengan GCoM For Climate And Energy



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