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Unveiling Event of Yantai China-Europe (Italy) Industry Park

In 17 September 2019, Yantai Laoshan District will hold an Unveiling Ceremony of the Yantai China-Europe (Italy) Industry Park.

Date: 17 September

Location: Laishan District, Yantai city


Yantai City, located in Shandong province, has a land area of 13,745.95 square kilometers, By the end of 2015, the population of Yantai was 7,014,100. Yantai City is one of the first batches of 14 coastal opened-up cities in China and a key city along the “Belt and Road” with a long history. In 2018, Yantai joined IUC as one of the Chinese pilot cities. Under the framework of the IUC, Yantai is working with EU cities including Rome on building a platform/park in Yantai to incubate EU business.

Laishan District is in the East of Yantai City with a total population of 192,400. In 2010, the total area of Laishan was 285.43 square kilometers. At present, Laishan District is promoting three industry clusters, i.e. high-end equipment manufacturing, medical care and health, and information technology. Energy conversation, environmental protection, high-end automotive parts and other industries are increasingly rising and gradually forming a scale.

At present, there are 26 European enterprises in Laishan District, accounting for 25.7% of the city. Enterprises invested by Italy in Laishan District mainly include Yantai Agrati Fastener Co., Ltd., Eltek Electromechanical Products (Yantai) Co., Ltd. and Yantai Maaiyue Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd. Enterprises invested by Germany include Vibracoustic (Yantai) Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., AL-KO (Yantai) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., etc. All of them present a good momentum of development. Enterprises from Laishan District are also increasing their investment in Italy and other European countries. In 2016, Taihai Group respectively acquired 41.65% of equity in Italy Saidevo and 60.02% of equity in France CTI Management Company, and in 2017, it merged and acquired Germany Duisburg Pipe Fittings Production Joint-stock Company.

The industrial positioning of Laishan District is highly compatible with Italy’s advantageous industries; with frequent trade transactions between China and Italy and continuously improved business environment in Laishan District, the construction of the “Sino-Italian Industrial Park” will be based on the existing industries, attract the advantageous resources and advanced technologies of Italy and its surrounding European countries, carry out establishment, intensifying and supplementing of industrial chains, and promote upgrading of existing industrial structure.

Introduction of the Park:

At present, the first draft of the implementation plan of the park has been formed. The Park will be constructed in Laishan Economic Development Zone, with an area of 6.67 million km². Below are the main industries to be developed in the Park:

(I) Construction of a high-end equipment industry base

(II) Construction of a medical care and health industry center

(III) Construction of a high-end automotive parts production base


  • European especially Italian institutions may sign a cooperation agreement with the district/Park
  • Enterprises are welcomed to invest and set up a presence in the Park

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