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China: Healthy Cities and Life Sciences Cluster Members Discuss Potential Collaboration

An online session took place today to verify possible collaboration of start-ups in the framework of the IUC thematic cluster on Healthy Cities and Life Sciences. The activity was a follow-up to the participation of the Smart City IoT Lab of Rome and Lazio to the Nanjing Techweek 2019. On that occasion, start-ups and universities from Rome participated in a forum on innovation organised by the IUC project to match with Chinese stakeholders.

As a result of this forum and from the participation of IUC at the 2019 Nanjing TechWeek, some companies and funds from Nanjing showed interest in the technologies showcased. Thus today, coinciding with 2020 Nanjing Techweek, the IUC team organised an online session to explore joint opportunities for good health and wellbeing (Sustainable Development Goal 3), to define cooperation models in innovative solutions for health and to discuss how digital solutions and innovation for medical devices could help health institutions and city hospitals to implement smart solutions.

During today’s meeting, James Chen, Co-Founder of Nanjing Inno Angel Fund and Zhang Jian, Co-Founder of DL capital, introduced their companies and their interests for innovation in the field of medical devices. The CEO of UBT – a member of the Rome Smart City IoT Lab – Sabatino Tiberi, explained all the steps that led his company to develop a disruptive innovation in the field of medical imaging devices. Paolo Cazzaniga, UBT’s Business Development who joined the Nanjing TechWeek 2019, illustrated technical specifications and Chinese patents issues.

A discussion on possible cooperation among the companies followed and partners from both sides agreed on the following steps:

  • Verify the interest of Chinese companies to cooperate with UBT through joint-ventures.
  • Organise field visits in China or Italy to strengthen contacts.
  • Involve universities from both sides in the cooperation and Chinese city hospitals to perform trials in China.
  • Establish permanent direct communication among the companies via e-mail and WeChat.


About the Cluster Healthy Cities and Life Sciences

The key objective of this cluster – which supports the EU urban Agenda and the SDGs – is to develop pilot projects between triple-helix stakeholders of the cities involved. One of the concrete results from this IUC thematic cluster has been the implementation of a joint innovation platform to identify potential applications for technology exchange in areas related to the cluster. The platform facilitates scientific and technological cooperation among researchers, small and medium enterprises, start-ups and investors. The platform, called EUROPE ASIA SMART PLATFORM, has been implemented by the Smart City Lab of Rome and Lazio.



Paolo Cazanniga (UBT) introducing the UBT’s start-up development

Presentation by UBT of research and clinical trial result published in official publications

Presentation by James Chen from the Chinese INNOANGEL fund

Presentation by Zhang Jian from DL capital  Expert participants at the online zoom meeting

Impressions from Nanjing TechWeek 2019

Paolo Cazanniga (UBT) at 2019 Nanjing Techweek in the Rome / Lazio and Bologna / Emilia Romagna joint pavilion.


Pablo Gandara IUC Team Leader, introducing the MedTech-Health Care (Healthy Cities) cluster during the Nanjing Techweek 2019.

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