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IUC Team participates at EIT China Pre-Launching

The IUC team participated at the pre-launch workshop for the EIT Hub China. The initiative is part of the Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs) running under the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The EIT Hub China aims to establish a two-way bridge between the pan-European EIT Innovation Community ecosystem and the Chinese innovation ecosystem. The Hub China will be tightly integrated into the EIT Community’s activities in innovation, entrepreneurship and education in full respect of the European policies vis-à-vis China.

This webinar aimed to both introducing the EIT Hub China Landing Platform and learning from participants’  experiences on building partnerships between China and the EU innovation ecosystem.

During the breakout sessions, the IUC team experts Pablo Gándara and Oscar Prat exchanged views with EIT counterparts from Europe and China, focusing on three sectors namely heatly & sustainable cities, agrifood and circular economy. These sectors are part of the business-to-business cooperation schemes established between European and Chinese pilot cities of the IUC programme.

IUC experts further providedinput with regard to untapped potential in the spinning off of university and research center technology and bringing it into the market. Here, they mentioned that academia-stemming entrepreneurs cooperation should be envisaged as well, and provided examples of successful tech oriented startups operating in China stemming precisely from academic backgrounds. They also mentioned difficulties for any startup to succeed, but even more so if, as a foreigner, it is entering the Chinese market. Therefore very down to earth and experienced coaching can be highly valuable if delivered correctly – they said. Mr Prat provided some ideas to experts to be enagged in the “EIT soft landing zone” initiative.

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