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Training on Energy and Climate Action in Surabaya

The IUC – Asia programme training event brought together participants in the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) from Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Many of these participant local governments have some previous experience of GHG emissions analysis and have developed of climate action plans for mitigation and adaptation. The event also aimed to train Asian cities representatives on the usage of climate policies assessment and reporting tools, especially through the preliminary introduction of the GCoM Common Reporting and Climate Action Framework. This was presented to the participating cities by the EC JRC technical team.

The overall purpose of this 2-day training was to provide local governments with learnings from previous programmes that would assist them to gain maximum benefit from GCoM and the IUC – Asia programme. This was done through several networking opportunities and presentations.

The event was comprised of five parts:

(1) Welcoming;

(2) The GCoM Initiative & Support by Partners;

(3) Local Action on Energy and Climate in Asian Cities;

(4) Interactive Session on South East Asian Cities Actions on Energy and Climate Change, and;

(5) Assessments and Targets of Emissions.

A detailed narrative of the training workshop (including all speeches, contributions and photos from the various sessions) has been provided by the specific Report “City Energy and Climate Action Plan: How to Set Targets and Develop a Plan – Training Event – 7th UCLG ASPAC Congress, Surabaya, Indonesia” delivered by the IUC/GCoM SEA Help Desk. The report can be obtained at

The reaction of participant cities to the whole training exercise was highly positive. First-hand knowledge on the GCoM Common Reporting and Action Planning framework has been shared and interactively discussed. Also, a mapping of existing actions in the cities has been developed.



00_City of Surabaya – Climate Action

01_IUC Asia Introduction by P-Gandara

02_Remitti Surabaya_training120918


04_Steven Kenihan_GPC Reporting in Indonesia

05_GCoM_Common reporting framework_Overview

06_JRC The EU 06_JRC_Key principles for action planning – part 2

06_JRC_Key principles for action planning – part 2

07_CDP_IUC Training Surabaya_12.09.18_CDP_v2

08_Seberang Perai MY_Climate and Energy

09_Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF)

10 Apeksi on Climate Change Training IUC Sept 2018

11_Vinh Long province Vietn_Ha Chi Tam

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